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More energy and stamina 更有精力
Sparkling eyes 眼睛明亮
Stronger finger nails 指甲较硬
More alert 更警觉敏锐
Improved sleep 睡得香
No more depression 不再忧郁
No more headaches 不再头痛
No more arthritis pain 不再关节痛
No more dry eyes 眼睛不再干涩
Cataracts disappeared(people & dogs)人及狗的白内障消失
Allergies helped 改善过敏
Brown aging spots disappeared 老人斑消失
Prostate problems gone 前列腺问题消失
Feeling restored in legs and feet of diabetes 糖尿病患者恢复腿感及脚感
Carpal tunnel surgery not needed 腕管手术的免除(长期使用电脑打字过久,压抑手腕神经而引起的关节及手脂的剧痛)
Many with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are doing things they hadn't done in many years 有慢性疲劳症症状者恢复多年不曾做的活动。
Hearing improved 听力进步
Healthier complexion 面容肤色更健康
Thickening hair growth 头发变密实
Improved concentration 更专心
Improved memory 记忆力增进
More rested in less hours 更短的时间内有更好的休息
No more muscle spasms 不再肌肉抽筋
No more bursitis pain 不再有粘液囊发炎疼痛
No more hemorrhoids 不再有痔疮
Eye sight improved 视力进步
Bladder problems eased(some resolved)膀胱问题减轻(有的解决)
Hyperactivity diminished 运动现象的减少
Moles,warts disappeared(had for years)(多年的) 痣、疣消失
Skin cancer disappeared 皮肤癌的消失
Amputation of black leg not needed 截肢手术的免除(因血液循环不良造成的紫腿)
Prostate surgery not needed 前列腺手术的免除
Hot flashes diminished and sometimes eliminated
MS symptoms lessened 多种硬化症减轻
Diabetes-reduced insulin needs 糖尿病患者减少对腺岛素的需要
PMS lessened or went sway 经前不适症状减少或消失
Varicose veins improved 改善静脉曲张
Eliminated parasites 去除寄生虫
Asthma problems resolved 气喘问题解决
Jaundice gone-eyes were yellow 黄疸病消失
Spurs on spine and heels no longer hurt 脊椎骨及脚跟上之骨刺不再疼痛
Noisy knee now quiet 膝盖关节不再作响
Neurological problems eased 神经问题的减轻
Blood tests improved 验血结果进步
Fibroid tumors disappeared 子宫肌瘤消失
Tranquilizers no longer needed 不再需要镇定剂
Eliminated swallowing problems 解决吞咽困难
Back pain gone 背痛消失
Gloating gone 肿胀消失
Firmer muscles 肌肉更结实
Bladder infection gone 膀胱发炎消失
No more hiatal hemia problems
Osteo-arthritis improved 骨关节炎改善
Sciatica pain reaolved 坐骨神经痛消失
Crooked arthritic finger-straightened 关节炎造成弯曲的手指伸直
Carotid artery in neck cleaned out 颈动脉
Brain injured 7years ago(car accident)parent and doctor see improvement 七年前(车祸)脑部受伤病人情况好转(医生及家人看出)
Radiation burns-disappeared 辐射灼伤消失
Had hard lumps-(cysts in breast)now normal 胸部囊肿恢复正常
Upper respiratory problems improved 上呼吸道问题改善
Stroke-paralysis gone 中风麻痹消失
No longer needs to wear support hose 不再需要穿弹性裤袜
Dr.had red scaly skin problem-cleared up 发红鳞状皮肤消失
Muscular degeneration of eyes improved 眼睛肌肉退化改善
Detoxified body-skin stank for a few days 体内解毒
Psoriasis improved 牛皮癣改善
No more jet lag 不再有时差
Ability to stand up without leg pain after sitting for long periods of time 久坐之后可立刻站起腿不疼痛
Sore gum improved 齿龈酸痛减轻
Lupus-addison's Disease-Asthma improved
Nurse told us many with convulsions(epilepsy)and seizures no longer have them 癫痫不再发作
Panic-anxiety attacks eliminated 忧虑焦急消失
Breathes easier 呼吸较易
Some experience a calmness 情绪镇定
Menopausal problems decrease 更年期问题减轻
Epstein barr virus-great improvement
Film on dogs eye gone in 2 weeks 狗眼翳两周后消失
Liver spots disappeared 肝斑消失
More confidence,less stressed out 更有自信,减轻过度紧张
Chemotherapy side effects greatly reduced 减轻化疗副作用
Hair color restored 头发颜色恢复
Improved circulation-hands & feet 促进手脚血液循环
Shaking Palsy condition-improved 麻痹发抖症状改善
Increased libido 性欲增强
Emphysema eased 气肿减轻
Edema diminished 水肿消失
"Tourette's Syndrome"improved
constipation-diarrhea resolved 便秘腹泻减轻
adults eliminated nightly bathroom trips 夜间频尿减少
eliminated mucous problems 消除粘液问题
sinus problems lessened or resolved 鼻窦问题减轻或消除
less hungry 不易饥饿
faster healing 复原较快
no more craving sweets 不再渴求吃甜食
personality improvements 个性进步
vertigo(dizziness)resolved 晕眩消失
jumpy legs(night distress)dramatic relief
chromic itch and rash(for years)gone
weight loss-firmer muscles 体重减轻肌肉结实
high & low blood sugar,cholesterol,and triglyceride levels improved 高低血糖、胆固醇三肝油脂指数进步
benign tumors disappeared 良性肿瘤消失
blurred vision-cleared 视力变清晰
ringing in head stopped 耳鸣停止
spleen problem resolved 脾脏问题解决
muscular dystrophy(3+cases)improved肌肉营养失调改善
severe inner ear infection improved 严重内耳感染改善
scar tissue diminished 结疤组织减少
minister's voice and speech better 牧师声音及讲道更佳
numbness gone 麻痹情况消失
Toxopiasmosis in brain cleared up 脑内毒浆(住血)原虫病清除
Woman terrible rash-Dr.thought was Lyme Disease(had 10 days gone in 5 days)
Premature ejaculation for many years now have wonderful sex 性生活美满
Gangrene(hole in bottom of foot)healed 脚底坏疽痊愈
Incontinence diminished(men and women,young and old)男女老幼失禁问题改善
Emphysema eased 气肿减轻
No more tingling hand 手不再刺痛
ADIS-various improvements 爱滋病病情改善
Leukemia-improvements breathes easier 白血病病症改善,呼

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