3.5L V6 - 2007 Acura TL Type S
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Up for sale is my 2007 Acura TL Type S. It has a 3.5L vtec V6 engine. Comes with built-in navigation, backup camera, and sunroof. Mileage is around 170K kms.

STRONG POINTS: the car just had its 160K km service done. Water pump, timing belt, and alternator were all replaced, totalling around $1500. This car should drive up to well over 300K kms with ease. Transmission pressure switches for 3rd and 4th gear have also recently been replaced, shifts like it’s new. 

WEAK POINTS: The condition of the car is good/fair. The paint overall is actually quite good condition, as it was professionally detailed a few years back. Front passenger seat leather has a rip. The rear quarter panel on the passenger side has a small amount of rust. There is a minor crack in the rear bumper, only visible when really up close. Bluetooth unit has been removed due to battery drain (common issue found on Acura forums). Rearview mirror is a bit loose, should cost less than $50 to fix if you find it to be necessary.

MORE STRONG POINTS: This car also has some performance modifications made to it: AEM V2 Cold Air Intake, RV6 Performance cat-back exhaust (really just for the sound, these cars don't gain much significant power without a tune, intake sounds great when you rev it and exhaust is for the low rev range), BC Racing 'extreme low' coilovers with adjustable height. There is also a roof spoiler installed which looks awesome imo but can be removed if desired.

This is a great buy for a young person that is looking for more power than in a typical 4 cylinder, or for those looking for a winter car with a V6 engine. Please contact 416-689-8828 or (519) 500-6431 for serious inquiries.


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